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NEW Nano Instrumentation Launched at FILTECH 2011

March 2011

FILTECH 2011 is selected as an appropriate venue for the launch of an extension to the Palas range of Nano instrumentation. Palas GmbH are a prime sponsor for the event, which is hosted by the lovely city of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC is based around an already well proven design and allows the precision separation of a stream of mono-disperse particles in the 3 – 1200 nm range, from a poly-disperse sample.

When this is combined with the novel UF-CPC already in the Palas range, a new instrument, the U-SMPS or Universal Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer is the result, an instrument which can measure and define an aerosol particle size distribution in the range of 3 – 1200 nm.

Of interest to current users of CPC’s, if that the DEMC can also be configured for use with a range of existing CPC’s, to update instrumentation to operate as an SMPS.

The addition of these new instruments brings us full capability for aerosol scientists operating in the sub-micron regions and will be of interest to both new customers and those already familiar with Palas Aerosol Science equipment.

Andrew Chalmers – Director at Filter Integrity Limited