NEW MFP ULPA Nano Filter Media Test Stand extends test range down to 5nm

May 2011

Following the launch of the new Nano instruments at FILTECH 2011 the natural development of the MFP range of filter media testing stands has followed.

MFP ULPA Nano takes the well established MFP automation and control and adds:

  • the new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC allowing the generation of stream of mono-disperse particles in the 3 – 800 nm range from a poly-disperse generator mounted on the test stand.
  • the novel UF-CPC an instrument which can count particle in the size range of 3 – 800 nm.

The MFP ULPA Nano allows standardised testing of filter medias in accordance with standards such as EN 1822-3 and the identification of MPPS in the nano range. Combined with the other MFP systems in the available range efficiencies of filter media can be tested from 5nm to 100um.

The addition of this new instrument extends the MFP range capabilities further into the nano region. The MFP range has already been accepted by leading filter media manufacturers and research institutions as a robust, accurate and user friendly system with over 100 MFP systems in use around the world. The ULPA Nano is a novel solution allowing increasingly efficient medias with MPPS in the nano region to be better assessed.

Andrew Chalmers – Director at Filter Integrity Limited

Cambridge Particles Meeting – a quick review

May 2011

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