New RBG Dust Disperser simplifies the aerosolisation of dusts

March 2022

Filter Integrity Ltd., UK sales partners of Palas GmbH, are pleased to offer the new RBG System Dust Disperser product range.  The new RBG System was introduced at the Filtech 2022 conference and exhibition in Cologne in March and simplifies the aerosolisation of test dusts.

This is a major overhaul of a product range that has served the filtration and aerosol science community for over 25 years.  It addresses requested improvements to the dust aerosolisation system, but also retains the fundamental performance of the RBG as a world leading dust dispersion system.

The new RBG System offers a simplified selection from a range of just 3 option levels, PRO, Basic and Solo.

The main improvements and modifications include:

  • Change of feed drive to a stepper motor to improve flexibility, resolution and repeatability.
  • Increase of reservoir piston travel from 70 to 110mm, increasing volume per fill reducing number of changes required on longer runs.
  • Reduction in overall system size and change in materials to improve manual handling.
  • Operation at outlet line pressures increased, now up to 10 bar.
  • Change of brush motor allowing operation regardless of carrier gas e.g. nitrogen.
  • USB connection for digital remote control via tablet or PC running Palas software.
  • Built in mass flow control / indication of the air feed.
  • Built-in pump to allow ‘Solo’ operation requiring only mains power.

The mechanics of the dispersion head and operation have not been changed so the dispersion process remains at the excellent level that users expect.

Contact us to find out more about how this equipment simplifies the aerosolisation of test dusts.

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