Filter Integrity Limited extend product range to simplify membrane filter integrity testing

January 2019

Filter Integrity Ltd have been UK partners of FlowTest Gmbh for a few years and we have also been involved in the development of many new integrity testing products over the past 20 years, which they have added to their already extensive product range.

The process of integrity testing membrane based filter products is well understood and has been used in validated performance testing protocols for over 50 years.

However, the practicalities associated with carrying out an integrity test in a simple and repeatable manner is not just about the process, but also about overcoming the other complications, for example hardware connections, the flushing method and disposal of fluids.

The FlowTest IT01 integrity tester already offers one of the simplest procedures for the full range of test methods, but is particularly effective in simplifying the Water Intrusion Test for hydrophobic vent and sterile air filters. Combine that capability with hardware such as the automated test stand above which incorporates automatic flushing prior to testing and integrity testing becomes less complicated.

Filter Integrity will also extend our product range to offer ranges of connections to allow simplified filter hardware connection to the IT01 equipment.

Contact us to find out more about how this equipment can increase the efficiency of your work.

Filter Integrity Limited exhibit at the Aerosol Society Meeting at the Edgbaston Park Hotel

November 2018

Filter Integrity ltdĀ are delighted to exhibit at the Fundamentals of Aerosol Science and Annual Aerosol Science Conference in association with the Aerosol Society. On the stand you will find instruments from the Palas range including the U-SMPS for nano-particle measurements, welas white light spectrometer for particle measurements between 0.2 and 100 microns and the all […]

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Filter Integrity Limited to host the next BSI MCE/8/-/3 Compressed Air Quality standards meeting

August 2015

Filter Integrity Ltd is pleased to announce that it is hosting the next BSI MCE/8/-/3 Compressed Air Quality standards meeting at NetPark, Sedgefield on 26th August. Topics for discussion will be the forthcoming proposed changes to ISO 8573-2 Oil Aerosol and ISO 8573-4 Particles. Voting for acceptance of the proposed drafts as New Work Items […]

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Filter Integrity Limited joins BCAS as a full member of the society

April 2015

Filter Integrity Ltd is pleased to announce that it became a full member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) from April 2015. Membership of the BCAS brings with it access to knowledge and support of the Technical Officer and UK member companies but also to the European trade associations under the umbrella of Pneurop. Some […]

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Filter Integrity Limited releases a new X-ray based neutraliser

November 2014

The new Palas XRC 370 is an X-ray based bipolar charge nuetraliser to compliment the Kr-85 370radioactive isotope based product already offered in the Palas range. The new device is designed to be integrated into the Palas U-SMPS / DEMC products. Independent testing in comparison with the Kr-85-370 neutraliser has confirmed good correlation in performance. Max flowrate is 6 l/min and max […]

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Stephen Smith presents at the Filtration Society 50th Anniversary Annual Conference

November 2014

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Filtration Society a two day conference was held at the Riverside Innovation Centre of the University of Chester. FIL had a small stand at the event together with 15 other exhibitors and Stephen presented his talk Standards for the Compressed Air Industry. As convenor of the ISO Technical Committee TC118/SC4 […]

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FIL moves into new lab space

March 2014

We are very happy to move into our new facility, handed over as pictured by Dr Simon Goon MD of Business Durham. Our new facility includes office space acombined with a separate fully fitted out lab, complete with ESD flooring, compressed air supply and a full fume cupboard. Our particle science lab, complete with aerosol […]

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