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Developing new Aerosol Scientists in the UK

November 2019

FIL has just attended two days of discussion and review of developments in Aerosol Science at the annual Aerosol Society conference in Birmingham, UK.

The meeting is structured over two days, with a first day of lectures to some 60 new aerosol science students covering aerosol science basics and then followed by a second day of presentations and posters reviewing leading edge activity in aerosol science research.

We brought some key aerosol instrument types manufactured by our principle Palas® GmbH:

  • DEMC 2000 – Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier
  • Charme® – Reference Aerosol Electrometer
  • PROMO® – Optical Aerosol Spectrometer
  • XRC – Soft X-ray based Aerosol Neutraliser
  • UF-CPC – Universal Fluid Condensation Particle Counter

to exhibit and demonstrate to new students, hopefully expanding on the theory being introduced.

Thanks to the organising committee and we are looking forward to supporting future activities of the aerosol society.