Particle Sizing and Filter Testing at Pressure Gets Simpler

May 2012

Palas GmbH have released new upgrades to their welas® digitaland PROMO® particle spectrometer range to simplify further the assessment of particle size (0.12 – 100um) and concentration (to 1000000 #/cc) in gases at higher temperatures and pressures.

Using unique cuvette based light scattering sample flow cells at sample pressures from atmospheric to 10 bara and built-in cuvette heating to raise their temperature to 120° as standard or 250° optionally, the new systems help users to mitigate against the issues associated with diffusing pressurised samples to atmospheric pressure and condensation due to temperature change in the gas sample.

The new designations of P for pressure H for heated and HP for both, include welas® digitalcontrol units for use with the matched sensors offering precise temperature control and, for the Pvariants, built-in mass flow control to maintain sample flowrate despite temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Palas – continuous improvement in particle sizing.

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