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Face mask media testing supported by 3D printer

July 2021

In order to meet the increased demand from researchers and manufacturers to test filter mask media, Filter Integrity Ltd have invested in a 3D printer.

The 3D printer has enabled Filter Integrity Ltd to print adaptors for the various new mask styles and media that academics, researchers and customers are testing and developing.

In combination with the Palas GmbH PMFT filter tester enabling the widest range of test methods, these bespoke adaptors enable testing to be completed to the many and varied protocols and International Standards, meeting the requirements of developers of new masks / materials and those investigating sanitisation / sterilisation protocols for mask reuse.

If you have a requirement for testing then please contact us at andrew.chalmers@filterintegrity.com or Office: +44 (0)1740 625509.

3D printer creating adaptors for face mask testing