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Filter Integrity Ltd is a technical consultancy specialising in the design, testing and validation of filters and filtration related equipment and systems. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we guarantee professional and independent technical support to both manufacturers and end users in most market sectors using filtration / separation processes for gases.

Testing Validation

We offer a cost-effective Witnessed Testing service to satisfy your customers’ requests. One of our experienced and qualified consultants will audit your testing facility and witness either individual or multiple tests carried out at your site against identified international standards.

Accredited Validation

While you will likely have your own testing facilities, your users generally require an independent, thorough validation of product performance. Filter Integrity has partnered with UK based testing laboratories to provide you with a fully accredited, independent validation service which offers valuable data to potential customers.

Technical Review

Filtration systems combine separation processes, both filter media based and process non-barrier based technologies with sealing connections, piping, ducting, motive air power devices and process performance monitoring equipment.  Filter Integrity can provide independent assessment of the complete filtration process, investigating many of the parameters which impact on efficient operation and optimising system performance.


Filter Integrity has years of experience in the field, allowing us to determine worthwhile resources to share with interested parties. We want to be a one-stop shop for all things filter-related, so we’ve curated these useful documents into a section on our website for you to read.

Integrity Testing

Integrity testing of liquid and air filtration systems and devices confirms the quality and efficiency of your industry processes.  Our experience in the field means that we can independently analyse and test your filters to confirm integrity, then make recommendations that could shorten processes, save you money and create a better end product.

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Products we supply:

Filter Integrity have many years of experience specifying and using particle generation and analysis technology for aerosol characterisation and filter testing / validation.

The addition of both the Palas® range of equipment, and their supporting technical knowledge, expands and extends our capability to support new and existing customers and their development of products and understanding of the fundamentals of performance.


About us


Our vision is to build a secure and sustainable organisation, internationally recognised and socially responsible, where outstanding customer service and innovative solutions go to make us the best at what we do. We will be a leader in our identified markets, a great place to work and great people to work with.


Filter Integrity’s purpose is to deliver a solution that matches the business needs of our customers by sharing our technical knowledge and operational expertise as an independent organisation in the specialist markets in which we operate.


The strong values that Filter Integrity hold guides our work and attitude to the industry, and we try to instil them in everything that we do. Our values are a reflection of us, and represent the care, attention and dedication that we provide to our customers.

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