Aerosols can be highly electrically charged. This charge can significantly falsify a particle measurement. For example, in filter testing using a charged aerosol, a filter may under certain circumstance be rated as far too good (liability problem for the filter manufacturer).The Palas® discharger systems (corona discharge) have been used successfully for many years to neutralize charged aerosols. Neutralizing means that a balanced charge distribution is established in the aerosol. Palas® offers various discharger systems for different applications:The CD 2000 systems work according to the principle of a bipolar corona discharge and are used universally for filter testing and aerosol research. No special authorizations are required for this.With the Kr-85 neutralizers, the emitted β-radiation generates both positive and negative ions through ionization.


CD system

Reliable bipolar corona discharge unit for solid and liquid aerosols

Andrew Chalmers

Kr-85 system

Neutralizer to generate a defined bipolar charge distribution for aerosols for calibration and extremely precise measurements

XRC system

Neutralizer with X-ray radiation as an alternative to radioactive chargers

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