Fine Dust Monitoring Devices

With the Fidas® 200 system Palas®, market leader in optical aerosol spectrometers, provides the highest performing certified real time fine dust analyzers for simultaneous monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5pollution levels. Derived from the Fidas® 200 technology in miniaturized shape and utilizing the same data evaluation algorithms, the mobile fine dust analyzers of the Fidas® Frog and Fidas® Fly series provide advanced technical solutions for location independent use.The proven laboratory instruments of the DustView system are ideally suited for characterizing dust release of bulk solids – an ideal quality control tool.

Certified fine dust monitoring devices

Stationary fine dust analyzers, approved for regulatory air pollution control

Mask Group 13

Indoor Fine Dust Monitoring Devices

Devices for air pollution control, control of outdoor air, indoor air and at the workplace as well as laboratory use

Filter Integrity Limited releases a new X-ray based neutraliser

Laboratory fine dust measuring devices

Analyzers for characterizing dust release of bulk solids

Mask Group 14

Mobile fine dust monitors

Mobile fine dust aerosol spectrometers - handheld

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