Aerosol Technology Accessories

The requirements to the test set-up in aerosol measurement vary with regard to the application. Temperature, pressure, the rel. humidity of the carrier gas, particle losses in sampling lines, sampling line switches and aerosol flow splitters as well as the sample taking location and tubings may change the aerosol distribution and concentration to be measured.The accurate selection of our aerosol technology accessories is based on the long term experience of Palas® engineers in aerosol treatment.

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DEHS system

Liquid for generation of droplet aerosols


DLB system

Precise control of rel. humidity

FS system

Flowsplitter for easy and reliable splitting of aerosol flows in test rigs and for comparison of aerosol sampling devices

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IPC system

Impaktoren zur Abtrennung von Partikeln aus einem Gasstrom

ISP system

Sample taking unit for isokinetic aerosols sampling

MonoDust system

Dusts of monodisperse particles for calibration of aerosol spectrometers

MP system

Dusts of monodisperse spheric microparticles

MSS system

Multi Sampling System for automated switching between 8 sampling ports

PS system

Heatable sampling tubes for temperatures up to 120 °C or 250 °C

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REF system

Reference exhaust

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