NEW Nano Instrumentation Launched at FILTECH 2011

March 2011

FILTECH 2011 is selected as an appropriate venue for the launch of an extension to the Palas range of Nano instrumentation. Palas GmbH are a prime sponsor for the event, which is hosted by the lovely city of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC is based around an already well proven design and allows the precision separation of a stream of mono-disperse particles in the 3 – 1200 nm range, from a poly-disperse sample.

When this is combined with the novel UF-CPC already in the Palas range, a new instrument, the U-SMPS or Universal Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer is the result, an instrument which can measure and define an aerosol particle size distribution in the range of 3 – 1200 nm.

Of interest to current users of CPC’s, if that the DEMC can also be configured for use with a range of existing CPC’s, to update instrumentation to operate as an SMPS.

The addition of these new instruments brings us full capability for aerosol scientists operating in the sub-micron regions and will be of interest to both new customers and those already familiar with Palas Aerosol Science equipment.

Andrew Chalmers – Director at Filter Integrity Limited

North East of England – a centre for Vacuum Separator development

March 2011

An area of world leadership in design and manufacturing for the North East of England, perhaps not well publicised despite many prestigious national awards for the companies involved, is high efficiency cartridge filtration. One major application area where these products are used is internal oil separation for oil flooded vacuum pumps and its here that […]

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Preparing for Filtech 2011

March 2011

Well, this is a new experience for me seeing the Filtech exhibition in Wiesbaden, March 22nd-24th, from the viewpoint of a supplier / consultant. I have to say that Palas GmbH have done a great job in getting the stand sorted this year. There are a couple of significant new product launches in their Nano range and examples of almost […]

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Up and running

March 2011

Welcome to the new Filter Integrity blog, the particle science and filtration blog. My name is Andrew Chalmers and I’m a Director at Filter Integrity Limited a small but growing technical consultancy based in the North East of England.  My interests are in the development of particle monitoring systems and the filtration process’ and products, for particle sizes from nanometer […]

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Meet the PALAS Team at FILTECH 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany (March 22nd to 24th)

January 2011

PALAS GmbH are putting on a great show at FILTECH 2011 with a wide range of products on display. Most of these will be fully operational, so it is the ideal opportunity to see and use the equipment: MMTC 2000– Test station for pulse jet cleanable filter media MFP 1000 HEPA – Filter media tester for MPPS and fractional […]

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Website Update — Introduction of PTAS – Particle Technologies for Aerosol Science

December 2010

After some intensive web development we are pleased to introduce our new website. Filter Integrity Limited now offers both consultancy regarding filter testing and validation and a new range instrumentation manufactured by PALAS GmbH of Karlsruhe Germany. As currently the only UK distributor for the Palas range of instrumentation, we look forward to developing new relationships with particle […]

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PALAS GmbH — UK Sales Partnership

November 2010

Filter Integrity Limited is proud to announce that it has been selected by PALAS GmbH of Karlsruhe Germany to be a UK Sales Partner. Andrew Chalmers, Director at Filter Integrity Limited commented: I’m personally delighted to have agreed this sales partnership with PALAS GmbH. It was some 20 years ago when I worked with one of the first instruments based […]

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