Products and Services - Overview


Innovative Solutions for Industry and Research

Filter Integrity PTAS is a UK sales partner of Palas GmbH and offers the full range of innovative particle technologies to research, product development and QA product validation users in the UK.

Particle and Aerosol Generation

Well defined and repeatable distributions in the 0.1µm — 200µm range from:

Particle and Aerosol Analysis and Characterisation

For particle sizes from 2.5nm to 100µm at concentrations of up to 10 million particles / cm3 without sample dilution being required:

  • The unique welas® white light aerosol spectrometers operating over the size range from 120nm to 100µm, available with online pressurised sampling to 10 barg.
  • Robust PROMO® industrialised versions of the welas spectrometers for in process monitoring.
  • Universal Fluid (UF)® Condensation Particle Counting (CPC) based instruments giving sensitivity down to 2.5nm.
  • Charme® Electrometer for aerosol concentration measurement.
  • Fidas® fine dust analysis instruments for environmental monitoring of particulate matter (PM) levels.
  • Inas® for medical aerosols — inhaler and spray particle size measurement with rapid analysis (to 10 milliseconds) for time resolved performance studies.
  • The VKL, KHG and DC10000 range of aerosol diluters covering ratios of 10:1 to 10000:1
  • CD 2000 a bipolar ion based Aerosol Charge Neutraliser

Full Testing Systems

Combinations of individual components, flow control, operating interfaces and associated data analysis to produce testing systems meeting the requirements of standardised and compliance testing:

  • HEPA and ULPA filter media - see EN 1822—3 ; ISO 5011.
  • Cleanable filter media MMTC - see VDI 3926
  • Full EN779 / ASHRAE 52.2 test rigs
  • Cabin air intake filters CIF - see DIN 71460—1, ISO 11155—1
  • Vacuum Cleaners TVE - see EN 60312
  • Compressed Air Filters CAF - see ISO 12500 series
  • Custom designed test rigs for particle penetration of protective clothing APM, automotive crankcase breather filters HMT, tank filters, high temperature samples

Filter Integrity PTAS personel have been active users of particle techology for over 25 years including the introduction of one of the early differential mobility analysers into the UK in 1982 for sub-micron filtration research.

As developers of filtration and separation equipment, the analysis of filter performance, both in basic research and operational QA applications is very familiar. Having also worked with Medical and Pharmaceutical applications such as Medical Vacuum, Medical Compressed air and sterilising grade filtration of drug products, we can assist with validation of process and equipment.