welas® digital 2000 — Aerosol Spectrometer

welas® digital 2000 | Light-scattering spectrometer system

Descriptionwelas digital 2000

The new welas® digital 2000 is a flexible, powerful and economical light-scattering aerosol spectrometer system, which determines the particle concentration and the particle size precisely and reliably. Using the same scattering measurement methodology as the well known and internationally proven welas® system, the new instruments use two innovations to improve the system performance.

Fibre-optic cables are used to carry the light to the remote sensor from the main controller. This allows welas® sensors with measurement volumes of varying sizes and hence allowing different detection limits, to be easily attached to the welas® digital 2000 and 3000 and exchanged at will. This sensor range makes reliable measurements possible over the concentration range from < 1 Particle/cm3 to 106 Particles/cm3. The sensors are available for measurements in liquids as well as in gases.

In addition, fast digital signal processing is now added in the new instrument. This allows improved coincidence detection for each particle passing through the measurement volume.

The best classification accuracy and the best size resolution of aerosol particle sizes are guaranteed by the following characteristics

  • White light and 90° scattered light detection: Clear calibration curve
  • Patented T-aperture: No border zone error
  • New digital individual signal processing: Coincidence detection and correction of individual signals making it possible to measure up to a factor of 5 above the max. concentration limit of each sensor.

Optionally, the sensors are also available for measurements in overpressure (up to 10 bar) and at high temperatures (up to 250°C or higher).

Technical parameters

  • Measurement range: 0.2 µm – 105 µm
    • Cn ≤ 106 Particles/cm3
  • Environmental conditions:
    • -90°C ≤ T ≤ 70°C
    • Optional: T ≤ 250°C, p ≤ 10 bar
  • Suction flow rate: 5 l/min
  • Digital individual signal acquisition: 20 MHz prozessor, 256 raw data channels
  • Light source: 35W Xenon lamp
  • Interface: USB
  • Power supply: 115V / 230V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Case: Desktop case (19“ compatible, 4 RU, 84 HP, D = 435 mm), optional with mounting brackets for rack installation

Application examples

  • Determination of separation efficiency of car interior filters, engine air filters, room air filters, compressed air filters, vacuum filters, cleanable filters, electrostatic precipitators, oil separators, cooling oil separators, wet scrubbers, cyclones and other separators
  • Isothermal and isobaric particle size and number determination, for instance in the automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries
  • Analysis of fast, transient processes
  • Inspection of smoke detectors
  • Particle measurement for cloud formation
  • Emission measurements
  • Respiratory function: inhaled / exhaled aerosol (size and quantity)

Particular advantages of the welas system

  • Largest measurement range from 0.2 µm to 105 µm (3 selectable measurement ranges)
  • Calibration curves for various refraction indices
  • Greatest concentration range from <1 Particle/cm3 to 106 Particles/cm3
  • Extremely high and repeatable counting efficiency from min. 0.2 µm
  • High sampling rate (temporal resolution of up to 10 milliseconds)
  • Fibre-optic technology
    • Measurement in explosive environments
    • Measurement at low temperatures
    • Measurement at upto 50m from the controller
  • Comprehensive software PDControl and PMAS
  • Reduction of operating expenses
    • User-friendly operation
    • Long service life of the light source of 2000 h
    • Calibration, cleaning and lamp replacement can all be performed independently by the customer
    • Low maintenance
    • Reliable operation

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