Charme® — Portable Aerosol Electrometer

Charme® — Portable aerosol electrometer (chargemeter) for the measurement of aerosol concentrations in the range of 2 nm up to 100 µm


The Charme® electrometer works by capturing all the particulate sampled and measuring the total charge as current produced as the charge drains to earth.

By using replaceable gravimetric filters a correlation of the measured electric charge (particle charge) to the mass concentration can be determined for high aerosol concentrations.

The Charme® has been compared with established electrometers held at the Federal Office of Metrology METAS (Switzerland) and achieved very good measurement results.

The Charme® mobile aerosol electrometer operates both on mains power and its internal battery, with a touch screen display. It displays particle concentration and electrometric flow graphically.

Sampling flowrate is 1 - 8 l/min with a measuring range of 1fA - 22500fA for particles from 2nm — 100µm (the upper diameter limit is determined mainly by aerosol transport losses through the sampling line).


  • Environmental measurements
  • Workplace measurements
  • CPC calibration

Particular advantages

  • Real-time, continuous particle concentration measurement. At the same time a removable gravimetric filter can be used to determine mass concentration
  • Portable with support of battery operation
  • Integrated computer with 3.5” touch panel display
  • Intuitive user interface with sophisticated software for data evaluation
  • Supports network connectivity
  • Integrated interface for process control applications
  • Measurement range 1 fA — 22,500 fA, volume flow 1 — 8 l/min

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