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Rotating Brush Generators

Powder Dispersers for extremely low and medium mass flows

For many applications in research, development and quality assurance and for the calibration of particle measurement devices, low-concentration powder based aerosols of just a few mg/m3 are required.

The RBG system has been specified for users worldwide for over 25 years to reliably disperse non-cohesive powders including mineral dusts, medical compounds, pollen etc. in the size range ‹100µm and with fine fractions ‹100nm.

Monolithic solids like chalk can be dispersed consistently as a fine aerosol with repeatable concentration.

Mass flows can be achieved from approx. 40 mg/h through to 560 mg/h for a compacted powder density of 1 g/m3 with accurate and repeatable dosing consistancy and full dispersion of the powder into practically all individual particles.

The RBG PrincipleRBG Process Schematic

The powder to be dispersed is filled into cylindrical powder reservoir and compressed with a tamper. The powder reservoir is loaded into the generator and the compressed powder charge is fed towards a rotating precision woven brush at a controlled rate by a piston.

The rotating brush picks up the dust from the surface of the powder charge and passes it into a release area where an adjustable air flow extracts the dust from the brush into the air flow to form an aerosol.

RBG Dosing UnitUniform dosing is maintained using a precisely controlled feed rate for the feed piston, in the range 1 — 700 mm/hr. By changing the diameter of the powder reservoir, a wide range of mass flowrates can be achieved with the current range running from 7mm to 32mm diameter.

The powder reservoirs for the RBG systems feature a quick and easy chageover mechanism.

Dispersion Flow Controllers

To ensure optimised dispersion, four dispersion controller options are available covering a range of required airflows and particle sizes:

Particle Size µm
Reservoir Diameter mm
Volume Flows m3/h
<0.1 — 100
7 — 32
2 — 5
<0.1 — 100
7, 10, 14
1 — 2.5
<0.1 — 100
0.5 — 1.2
200 — 1000
7 — 32
2 — 5