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Conveyor Belt Generators

Powder Disperers for medium and high mass flows

For many applications in research, development and quality assurance solid aerosols generated in high concentrations are required.

The BEG system has been specified for users worldwide for over 20 years to reliably disperse non-cohesive powders including test dusts in the size range ‹200µm and combustion soot ‹100µm.

The BEG range offers a particularly wide range of mass flows from 8 g/h to 6 kg/h. Given the medium to high mass flowrate capability, the range includes automated mass flow control and refill options.

The BEG PrincipleBEG Schematic

The powder to be dispersed is filled into a feeder reservoir and continuously stirred to ensure a constant loading to a conveyor belt located directly beneath the reservoir.

The belt transports a thin and evenly distributed sample to a rotating brush dispersing system, which picks up the powder and transports it to the release area where an adjustable airflow extracts the dust from the brush into the airflow to form an aerosol. This concentrated aerosol is then carried to an ejector nozzle which uses an adjustable pressurised air flow to create high shear to fully disperse the aerosol. The standard model is the BEG 1000.

Mass Flow Control and Automated Reservoir Refill

To enable accurate mass dosing, the BEG 2000 model is fitted with a reservoir weight monitor and mass dosing controller. Control can be effected using the on-board control system or via external PC. It is also network compatible.

To allow extended testing regimes the BEG 3000 is fitted with an automatic refill unit allowing 10kg of test dust to be batch fed to the generator reservoir. This allows a continuous dispersion to run over several days.

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