DSP Series — Combustion Soot Aerosol Generators

DSP 3000 | DSP 3000 H — Defined Soot Particle Generators

DescriptionDSP 3000

In the DSP 3000 series a soot aerosol is generated from the defined combustion of a fuel gas (e. g. ethene + combustion air).

The DSP 3000 and the DSP 3000 H allow the systematic adjustment of the average particle size, as well as of the mass flow of the soot aerosol generated, by the mixing air-fuel ratio.

By means of user-friendly software, the desired operating parameters can be set quickly and reproducibly on a laptop/PC. With a a generated soot mass output from up to 3 g/h, the DSP 3000 series is well suited to loading diesel soot particle filters (DPF) for filter efficiency tests.

The DSP 3000 H version adds controlled heating, up to 300°C, for volume flows up to 60 m3/h. Both the DSP 3000 and the DSP 3000 H operate up to an overpressure of approx. 300 mbar and are fitted with a comprehensive safety package.

For calibration of instrumentation used in assessments, the DSP 3010 is a small mobile generator producing an log normal soot distribution using the same principle and with an adjustable mean diameter from 10 nm to 150 nm.

Technical parameters

  • Fuel gas: (ethene + combustion air)
    • Volume flow: approx. 23 l/min
  • Quench gas: nitrogen
    • Volume flow: approx. 12 l/min
  • Dilution air
    • Volume flow: approx. 50-1000 l/min
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 75 x 115 x 90 cm
  • Power Supply:
    • DSP 3000: 90-260 VAC; 1 kW
    • DSP 3000 H: DS 400/230 VAC ; 9 kW

Application examples

  • Test of diesel soot filters (DPF)
  • Test of CVS installations
  • Inhalation tests
  • Atmospheric tests
  • Test sensors in exhaust-gas systems
  • Test of smoke detectors

Particular advantages

  • Adjustable particle size from approx. 10 nm up to >200 nm
  • Adjustable soot mass flow from approx. 50 mg/h up to approx. 3 g/h
  • Operates against overpressure up to approx. 300 mbar
  • DSP 3000 H: mixed air up to 60 m3/h, controlled heating up to 300 °C
  • Comprehensive safety package with:
    • pneumatic backup
    • automatic switch-off independent from software
    • mechanical bursting protection
    • automatic shut-down of fuel gas with open burner or with power cut
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable function

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