AGK 2000 — Solid Particle Generator

AGK 2000 | Solid aerosols from suspensions, solutions and biological agents

DescriptionAGK 2000

The AGK 2000 is a spray nozzle based generator, used for atomising solutions which can then be converted to solid aerosols, for example NaCl and KCl salt based aerosols, that are specified for testing in a range of protocols. Test particle generators must produce aerosols which have a particle size distribution and particle concentration which remain constant throughout the testing period. The particle size distribution and concentration must also be repeatable.

The AGK 2000 utilises a specially developed nozzle and cyclonic separation in the head which ensures that these requirements are fulfilled by preventing salt crystals from crystallising at the nozzle exit. Thus it is possible to make repeatable adjustments to the particle size spectrum, in the range from approximately 5 nm to 15 µm, with adjustment of the solution concentration. An optional dryer system is also available to ensure complete removal of moisture and dry crystal particles being produced.Aerosol Distribution 20% KCl in water

For testing at elevated pressures, a pressure-resistant option (up to 10 bar) is available on request.

Technical parameters

  • Max. particle concentration: approx. 107 Particles/cm3 *
  • Particle size spectrum: approx. 5 nm – 15 µm*
  • Particle material: suspensions, solutions, biological agents,liquids
  • Dosing time: > 8 h
  • Volume flow rate: 3-10 l/min for AGK 2000
  • Volume flow rate for optional drying system 6-20 l/min
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg

Concentration v Distribution 0.15% and 20% KCl in Water * depending on the solution concentration and the particle material

Application examples

  • Filter industry:
    • Car interior filters
    • ASHRAE room air filters
    • Engine air filters
    • Respiratory filters
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Generation of tracer particles
  • Flow visualisation
  • Aerosol research

Particular advantages

  • Excellent short-term and long-term dosing consistency
  • Widely adjustable particle size range
  • Easy filling of the reservoir
  • Large reservoir (500 cm3)
  • Robust design, proven in industrial applications
  • User-friendly operation
  • Reliable function, high level of repeatability
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces your operating expenses
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