UGF Nebuliser Range — Liquid Particulate Generators

UGF 2000 Aerosol Generator — Low Flow Generator

DescriptionUGF 2000

The UGF 2000 is a nebuliser based precision generator which uses an adjustable air flow through a binary nozzle to generate liquid particles from a solution and a cyclone to separate out larger particles so producing a high concentration of particles in a well defined size range. It is portable and relatively lightweight weighing only 4kg, making it suitable for use where testing locations are compact, for example when testing laminar flow boxes.

The UGF 2000 produces an average number diameter (produced using DEHS) at 0.20µm with a maximum diameter at 1.5µm and produces a maximum mass concentration of 1.5 g/h. It is the smallest generator in the AGF range and highly portable, but also offers a reduced mean diameter compare with other generators in the range.

The UGF range UFG Particle Distribution has been used successfully for filter testing applications all over the world for more than 25 years. Typical liquids which can be nebulised with a dosing capacity of > 24 hrs per reservoir fill include:

  • DEHS
  • DOP
  • Emery 3004
  • paraffin oil
  • other non-resinous oils


  • Clean room applications
  • HEPA/ULPA filter test
  • Laminar Flow Box

Particular advantages

  • exact adjustment of the operating parameters
  • number concentration Cn can be varied by the factor 10
  • particle size distribution remains virtually constant, if Cn is modified
  • number concentration maximum lies in the MPPS range
  • virtual no power losses
  • optimal concentration, no coagulation losses
  • long dosing duration
  • resistant to numerous acids, bases and solvents
  • robust design, stainless steel housing
  • easy handling
  • reliable function
  • low maintenance

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