PLG 2000 Series — Laskin Nozzle Based Liquid Particulate Generators

PLG 2000 Aerosol Generator Series — Nebulization of liquids over a wide mass flow range from 20 mg/h to 20 g/h


The PLG range is a custom engineered laskin nozzle based generator range which uses an adjustable air flow through a submerged nozzle system to generate liquid particles from a solution in a well defined size range. The PLG range is available in seven models split into three levels of mass concentration capability.

Temperature Control of Particle SizeIn order to be able to perform practical analyses and comparisons, liquid droplet based aerosols must be generated from fluids that are also used in the real world. Fluids such as water, DEHS, motor oils, lubrication fluids, white oil etc. differ significantly in viscosity, surface tension and density. Depending on the fluid, different atomisation principles offer particular advantages.

Depending on the application, a special nozzle with heating option is used to adjust the desired particle size distribution and concentration quickly and reproducibly.

The PLG 2000 range is available in 4 models:

PLG 2000PLG 2000 is the standard generator for lower mass flows upto approx. 20 g/h (depending on the material) with a flowrate from 10 - 35 l/min. As there is no temperature control built in to this instrument, it is intended for use in controlled temperature environments such as air-conditioned rooms and used for generating an aerosol for use in filter testing EN779. The aerosol generated has a mean number diameter of 0.4µm (DEHS) and max diameter of 5µm.

PLG 2010PLG 2010 adds a liquid reservoir heater and controller to the instrument allowing maintained liquid temperature (to 100°C), hence density and viscosity are maintained resulting in consistant generated aerosol characteristics. This makes it ideal for operating in environments where temperature may change over time.

PLG 2010 S adds an automatic refill feature, which maintains the liquid reservoir at the correct fill level and allows continuous generation over several days. This makes it particularly interesting for long-term testing of inertia separators and filters perhaps over weeks.

PLG 2030PLG 2030 is a precision version of the 2010 generator with the replacement of standard pressure regulator with a precision regulator, the addition of a high resolution gauge and replaceable nozzles to achieve different mass flows. This makes it suitable for application in the calibration of particle measurement devices, especially of counting measuring methods, e.g. CPC and electrometer.


Technical parameters

  • Particle material: according to customer specifications, motor oils, DEHS, paraffin oils
  • Particle sizes: according to customer specifications, 50 nm — 5 ┬Ám
  • Mass flows: according to customer specifications, 20 mg/h — 20 g/h
  • Volumetric air flows: approx. 10 — 35 l/min
  • Power supply (Heated Versions) : 115/230 V ; 50/60 Hz

Application examples

  • Filter industry/oil separators
    • Determination of separation efficiency
    • Determination of fractional separation efficiency
    • Loading tests
  • Test of cooling lubricant separators
  • Comparison of particle measurement devices
  • Tracer particles
  • Flow visualisation

Particular advantages

  • Excellent short-term and long-term dosing constancy
  • Heatable
  • Best repeatability with respect to particle size distribution and particle concentration
  • Large mass volume range (very low and very high)
  • Long dosing time over several days with automatic refilling (optional)
  • Robust design (optionally resistant against chemically aggressive fluids)
  • Compact and light
  • User-friendly operation, proven in industrial applications
  • Reliable function
  • Low maintenance

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