Instrument Package Upgrades

Upgrade of existing test rigs for the determination of fractional separation efficiency e.g. EN779 / ASHRAE 52.2


With the rapid development of technology new products / components for the particle generation (aerosol generators for droplets, salts and solid particles) and for the particle measurement (aerosol spectrometers) are coming to the market all the time.

For example, the new high-resolution light-scattering spectrometer welas® digital 3000 enables the fractional separation efficiencies to be determined easier, faster, more reliably and more exactly than previous models. The development of the light-wave conductor technology allows minimisation of particle losses in the sampling lines as the sensors are fixed directly on the measuring point.

Developments in software e.g. FTControl an internationally proven software for a simple, reliable and fast filter testing makes a fully-automated measurement programs possible, both in calculation and summary of data, e.g. fractional separation efficiency, life-time or EN779 measuring procedures, as well as an automation of the test rig, e.g. control of the volume flow, differential pressure measurement etc.

The single components (aerosol generators, dilution systems and aerosol spectrometers) are designed to be used with each other and provide fast, reproducible and thus economic test results.

We provide with the pre-acceptance and the final acceptance of the system a validation of the single components and so offer a functional guarantee to the customer.

Filter Integrity PTAS can help you upgrade your installation to use the new technology and improve your facility.

Aerosol generation

  • Dust generation from 40 mg/h to 6 kg/h depending on the type of device
  • Droplet aerosols from < 0.1 µm to 10 µm depending on the type of device
  • Salt aerosols from < 0.1 µm to 15 µm

Measurement technology

  • Aerosol spectrometer welas® digital series
    • Measuring range of particle size from 120 nm to 40 µm, depending on the type of device
    • Concentration range < 1 Particle/cm3 to 106 Particles/cm3, depending on the type of sensor
    • Optional pressure-resistant up to 10 bar overpressure (for isobaric measurements)
    • Optional heatable up to 250°C (for isothermal measurements)

Software and test rig control

  • Acquisition of upto 6 external sensor data, e.g. differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity
  • Automatic setpoint setting for volume flow
  • Software FTControl for filter testing

Application examples

  • Engine filters according to ISO 5011 and ISO/CD 19713:
    • Aerosol generators and aerosol spectrometers, software FTControl
  • Room air filters according to EN779/ASHRAE 52.2:
    • aerosol generators, aerosol spectrometers, software package EN779
  • Compressed air filters according to ISO 12500:
    • software FTControl, aerosol-technical components for the isobaric characterisation of filters with up to 10 bar overpressure
  • Oil separators:
    • software FTControl, in-situ- measurement technology (isothermal up to 250°C), e.g. for testing directly on the engine or engine test rig

Particular advantages

  • Clearly characterised and reproducible aersosol generators for the dispersion of droplets, salts and solid particles
  • Isothermal (heatable up to 130°C) and isobaric (pressure-resistant up to 10 bar overpressure) aerosol generators for an aerosol generation of practical use
  • Quasi-simultaneous measurement by means of the welas® digital 3000, identical device characteristics of both sensors
  • Minimisation of conduction losses due to the light-wave conductor technology
  • FTControl Software for a fully-automatic measurement process, e.g. according to ISO 5011 or EN779
  • Automation of the test rig, e.g. control of the volume flow
  • Upgrade of existing filter test rigs with aerosol generators (solid, liquid, salt solutions), of the particle measuring technology and the test rig control incl. control and evaluation software FTControl
  • reliable function of the single components
  • low maintenance
  • reduces your operating expenses

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