MMTC Series — Cleanable Filter Media Testers

MMTC 2000 | MMTC 3000 - Test rigs for cleanable filter media (in accordance with VDI 3926)

DescriptionMMTC 2000

The MMTC series provides a reliable and economical test system to be used for quality inspection and development of cleanable media used in pulse jet filters. Different media are custom designed with regard to their structure and surface treatment for a range of applications to minimise emissions and extend service life. The MMTC series offers a reliable test of filter media using different powders including those taken from an application. It is characterised by its high reproducibility of test results.

The MMTC models provide standardised data from testing of these medias, but they also meet the requirements of The Association of German Engineers technical guideline VDI 3926, which defines tesing methods to be used for these media types in two catagories Type 1 and Type 2.

VDI 3926 “Testing of Filter Media for Cleanable Filters under Operational Conditions” is slowly becoming the global standard for assessing the filterability and cleanability of filter fabrics. The method is unique because it simulates the customer’s actual baghouse conditions. A filterbag fabric sample can be subjected to the customer’s own dust and filtration velocity.

In a contained and automatically operated unit, a test sample is subjected to the dust and the machine is let to complete 70 cleaning cycles, to maintain a pressure drop of 12 mbar. The number of cycles in a given time is indicative of the cleanability and the pressure drop increase on the absolute filter, as well as the gravimetric value of the “escaped” dust, is indicative of the filterability. It is a reliable method of assessment because its results are reproducible and its tests performed in accordance with strict Quality Control parameters.

The MMTC 2000 is configured with a horizontal test station for holding the media on test (area = 177 cm3), and it is capable of testing to VDI 3926 Type 2. It includes a RBG 2000 particle disperser / generator for the loading of a range of test dusts, a suction pump for generating the challenge air flow, a pressurisable volume with rapid actuating valve for the pulse jet cleaning action and a downstream filter holder to hold an ‘absolute’ collection filter. The instrument package includes upstream and downstream pressure measurement for differential pressure monitoring across the media and the absolute filter and the testing process controlled and data reported via Windows based software.

If required a welas® digital spectometer can be used to monitor upstream dust characteristics and perhaps more impressively, the downstream characteristics even during the regenerative cleaning pulse, in real time at 10 ms sample intervals.

The MMTC 2000 is also available with climate control MMTC 2000 CC where the temperature and %RH can also be controlled upto 80%RH at 90°C with independent temperature control to 250°C if specified.

The compact and robust design of the MMTC 2000 combined with its functional and simple operation have proved a success, especially in industrial laboratories and the MMTC 2000 is rapidly becoming the instrument of choice in the cleanable media industry.

To compliment the MMTC 2000, a separate aging chamber is available, to allow the required 10000 cycle aging process to be carried out offline.

MMTC 3000The MMTC 3000 model is designed to meet the requirements of VDI 3926 type 1 testing, where the test dust is passed from the top of the apparatus through a vertical rectangular chamber before entering the test chamber.

Charge neutralisation of the test dust may also be required in the feed line.



Technical Parameters

  • Powder generator:
    • RBG 2000 for non-cohesive powders and bulks as e.g. Pural NF, Pural SB, ISO A2 fine, ISO A4 coarse, different types of TiO2 and other powders from users
  • Mass Flow: approx. from 0.2 g/m3 up to 90 g/m3 (depending on powder size and density)
  • Test Area: 177 cm2
  • Inflow velocity: 3 cm/s up to 8.8 cm/s (others on request)
  • Volume flow: 1 m3/h up to 5.5 m3/h (others on request), mass flow controlled
  • Differential pressure test filter: measuring range 0 - 5000 Pa
  • Differential pressure test absolute filter: measuring range 0 - 5000 Pa
  • Pressure for pulse jet cleaning: adjustable up to 6 bar
  • Valve opening times: 50 ms up to 500 ms
  • Dimensions (HxWxL):
    • MMTC 2000: approx. 1200 x 630 x 1700 mm
    • MMTC 3000: approx. 2000 x 630 x 1810 mm
  • Compressed air supply: 6 - 8 bar
  • Power supply:
    • Single phase connection (115/230 V ; 2 A)
    • Power input: approx. 500 W

Application examples

  • Standardised testing according to VDI 3926
  • Individual close-to-reality testing as given by the different process conditions e.g. cement industry, wood industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, power plants and others

Particular advantages

  • Internationally comparable measuring results
  • High reproducibility of the test results
  • The users own powders can be used
  • Fast and easy adjustment of the upstream concentration
  • Simulation of the ’garland’ effect
  • Adaptable for in-situ measurements
  • Online measurement of the downstream particle size and concentration by means of the light-scattering spectrometer welas® digital system
  • Climate controlled testing possible MMTC 2000 CC: heated up to 250°C; RH 80 % (at 90°C)
  • Light, small and mobile design
  • Easy handling, easy cleaning
  • Short set-up time for a new filter test or for changing the required test dust
  • Proof of the clear function of single components and the complete system during pre-acceptance
  • Reliable function
  • Extremely low maintenance

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