Fidas® Frog — Portable Particulate Monitor

Fidas® Frog — Portable real-time particulate monitor with battery operation for emission and workplace measurements

DescriptionFIDAS Mobile

The Fidas® range of Environmental particulate monitors is offered in different model versions to provide a cost effective solution for specific applications in the reliable indoor / outdoor air quality measurement. All Fidas® systems are equipped with a LED light source with high light stability and long lifetime and an inline filter holder to allow for collection of the contaminant on a filter media and subsequent investigation of the composition of the aerosol.

The Fidas® Frog is a portable instrument with battery and mains operation. With fast sampling and powerful onboard analysis the system can monitor at 1 sec intervals and report adjustable mean values (60s to 24hr) for measured and calculated parameters including; dust fractions PM1, PM2.5, alveolar fraction (PM4), thoracic fraction (PM10), respirable fraction (TSP) as well as the particle size distribution.

When operated in battery powered mode the instrument gives upto 2 hours continuous measurement time, from full charge.

Additional sensors can be fitted for ambient condition monitoring including temperature, air pressure and relative humidity, if requested.

For sampling from exhaust air ducts, Fidas® Frog can be fitted with an isokinetic sampling probe.

Technical Parameters:

  • Patented T-aperture sensor using white light LED, high performance photomultiplier, 20 MHz processor and digital signal processing
  • Measuring range: 0.18 - 18 µm (options 0.5 to 40µm : 2 to 100µm)
  • Cn max: approx. 20.000 particles/cm3 - 1000 µg/m3
  • Volume flow: 0.2 m3/h
  • User Interface: Touch Screen 800 x 400 with real time display of results and auto datalogging
  • Microprocessor: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom with 4GB of Compact Flash datalogging capacity
  • Firmware: Fast continuous data evaluation (upto 1s), adjustable measurement averaged value (e.g. 24hr) plus real-time display of results and auto data storage
  • PC Data Analysis Software
  • Communications: RS232 with Modbus RTU, incl. Bayern-Hessen protocol, USB, LAN / WLAN support
  • LabView driver for Fidas® with sample program
  • CalDust 1100 (10g) supplied for in-situ calibration and function check
  • Power supply: 115 / 230 V ; 50/60 Hz
  • Battery: Li-Ion rechargeable
  • Weight: 5.8 / 5.2 kg (with / without battery)
  • Options:
    • Range Extension: 0.5 - 40µm
    • Range Extension: 2 - 100µm
    • Environment Sensor Package (°C - %RH - mbar)

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