VLK Series — Aerosol Sample Diluters

VKL Series — A range of individual dilution modules for sample aerosol concentration reduction from 10:1 to 100000:1

DescriptionEjector Principle

The VKL Series is a range of dilution modules, based on the ejector principle.

In this system clean compressed air for dilution is used to mix with the concentrated sample flow and the diluted and mixed sample is then sampled again using an outlet sample nozzle located in an excess air outlet stage. The dilution ratio is determined by the ratio of compressed dilution air to the sample.

Particular advantages of the VKL Series

  • Reliable dilution over the specified particle spectrum
  • Temporally constant and reproducible dilution
  • Simple cascading of the dilution systems up to a dilution factor of VF = 100,000
  • Functional check can be effected simply and securely by the user
  • Can be combined with all common particle counters
  • Easy handling and solid construction
  • Long service life
  • Clear calibration certificate
  • Low maintenance

The VKL range currently consists of five models:


VKL 10

The VKL 10 and VKL 100 have the same form factor and differ only in the produced dilution. The dilutors can be fitted with 2-5 l/min or 28.3 l/min outlet nozzles with the VKL 10 operating with upto 20µm particles and the VKL 100 upto 2µm particles. The modules weigh approx 4.0kg and are compact with dimensions (LxWxD) approx. 245 x 100 x 100 mm.

VKL Combination

These two modules can simply be combined to form a single dilution system giving a maximun dilution factor of up to 100000, if for example three are combined 100, 100, 10.

Testing by the VDI in 2007 - Report No. 1973 identified that a reproducable aerosol dilution of upto 100000:1 was possible with these systems.


VKL 10 E


VKL 10 E and VKL 10 ED are designed for use with chemically abrasive media and are temperature-resistant up to 400°C.

The modules weigh approx. 8kg and are compact with dimensions:(L x Ø) approx. 245 x 100 mm

The VKL 10 ED version is rated for use at up to 10 bar.

Dilution factor is 10:1 with a max. particle size of 20 µm.



VKL 27

The VKL 27 is a version designed specifically for testing respirator filters incl. pre-dilution.

Dilution ratio is 27:1.

Max. particle size is approx. 10 µm for dry powders and dusts.


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