BEG 2000

BEG 2000

BEG system

Generation of test aerosols from powder, dust, pollen, etc.; mass flow approx. 8 g/h – 7.3 kg/h with automatic mass flow monitoring



  • Excellent short-term and long-term dosing constancy
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Remote control or computer-controlled
  • Pulse mode
  • Easy to fill while in operation
  • Large reservoir (1500 cm3)
  • Automatic mass flow control with the BEG 2000
  • Robust design, proven in industrial applications
  • Reliable function
  • Reduces your operating expenses
  • Low maintenance


With automatic mass flow control

The dosing unit on the BEG 2000 is continuously weighed for automatic mass flow control. The data from a touchscreen PC are continuously acquired and analyzed via a serial interface. As a result, the dispersed quantity of powder is always known and able to be automatically adjusted.

Dosing output on the BEG 2000 controlled using internal firmware

  • Input of the mass flow in g/h
  • Automatic mass flow control
  • Recording of powder-specific calibration curves
  • External control via PC or Modbus RTU
  • Network-compatible


The powder to be dispersed is simply poured into the reservoir (see Fig. 1). A stirrer at the bottom of the reservoir ensures uniform loading of the conveyor belt. A rabble arm and various built-in components in the reservoir prevent bridging in the reservoir.

Funktionsprinzip BEG 1000,BEG 2000.JPG

Fig. 1: Principle of operation of the BEG 1000/BEG 2000


The desired mass flows are able to be continuously and reproducibly adjusted with a controlled drive on the conveyor belt The even, smooth conveyor belt, the built-in components in the reservoir, and the precise drive on the conveyor belt ensure excellent dosing constancy. Automatic readjustment is possible up to approx. 100 g/h.

Pulsed operation

The system can be operated in "powder"/"no powder" pulse mode with the "Stop" and "Belt" control keys and an electric timer switch in cycles of up to 5 sec, depending on the mass flow.


The ejector nozzles we developed provide excellent dispersion for various volume flows.


  • Filter industry:
    • Loading test of
      • engine filters as per ISO 5011
      • Hot gas filters
      • Bag filters
      • Air filters
      • Cyclones
    • Engine crash tests
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Cement industry

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