Certified fine dust monitoring devices

The category of fine dust measuring instruments ranges from household measuring instruments to measurements in industry and agriculture to measurements of air quality in public measuring networks. For example, cities and municipalities measure particulate matter in the air. For this the professional fine dust measuring devices of Palas® are ideal due to their exact function at any temperature, because the fine dust values PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and PMtotal as well as the particle number concentration Cn are measured simultaneously and in real time. In addition, the associated particle size distribution in the range from 0.18 to 18 µm is determined at any time. If you want to convince yourself of the quality of the fine dust measuring instruments, there is the possibility of renting the fine dust measuring instruments for a limited period of time. Each of our measuring instruments is thoroughly checked before dispatch and receives a calibration certificate. This quality standard is also underpinned by the constant TÜV inspections of our measuring procedures and devices. All fine dust measuring instruments of the Fidas® 200 system are tested and certified according to the standards EN 12341, EN 14907, EN 15267 and EN 16450.

Fidas® 200

Fidas® 200

EN 16450 approved fine dust measurement device for simultaneous measurement of PM2.5 and PM10

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