Andrew Chalmers

Managing Director


Both a leader and member of product development teams at;

  • Process Scientific Innovations Ltd. (now PSI Global Ltd.)
  • Domnick Hunter Ltd. (now part of the Parker Hannifin Group)
  • Walker Filtration Ltd. (now part of the Atlas Copco Group) as a Group Technical Manager







Andrew was responsible for the development and launch of a wide range of treatment products and systems including:

  • Award winning and market leading PSA, membrane and catalytic conversion based gas drying and gas separation products for industrial and laboratory use.
  • Microporous membrane and microfibre based liquid and gas filtration products.
  • Filter Housings and other hardware meeting global pressure vessel certification requirements to 350bar (5000psi).
  • PEM based hydrogen generating systems.
  • Ranges of integrity test equipment for in–situ validation of sterilising grade pharmaceutical filtration products.


A Physicist by profession and Engineer by training, Andrew has over 25 years experience in the development and validation of compressed air treatment products and systems gained at World Leading manufacturers.  In the last 10 years, knowledge and experience of filtration media and system testing / validation has been expanded into other market sectors including household cleaners, commercial HVAC systems, gas turbine and other industrial filtration, nuclear, automotive and air quality measurement.

Andrew has also been a member of key industry technical committees, including the International Standards Organisation´s ISO TC118 SC4, responsible for compressed air purity specification and compressed air treatment equipment.  Standards developed by this committee include the ISO 8573 series relating to compressed air quality, ISO 12500 series relating to compressed air treatment equipment performance testing and the ISO 7183 standard specifically relating to compressed air dryer performance testing.  Andrew also sits on the UK’s Standards Committee MCE/021 Filters for gases and liquids

The Pharmaceutical and Medical sectors have very specific requirements for sterilisation of air and gases used in manufacture and treatment.  Andrew was a member of the PDA Technical Committee reviewing guidelines for sterile air filtration and was an inaugural member of the UK Parenteral Society´s Sterile Filtration standards committee.