Accredited Filter Performance Validation

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While manufacturers of filtration products generally have their own testing facilities, specifiers and users of premium quality equipment will generally require an independent validation of product performance, often with independent testing being required. Where a choice is to be made between products or suppliers an independent comparison always offers valuable data in making the decision.

IBR Laboratories LogoFilter Integrity Limited has partnered with IBR Laboratories to bring accredited testing to users and developers of compressed air filtration equipment, with accredited testing and validation facilities located in the USA and UK.

IBR Laboratories can also handle testing requested that is outside the scope of documented standards with capability in design of filtration and separation testing protocols for both liquids and gases.

The Compressed Air Quality Standards

There are two international standard series that have been developed to allow developers and users of compressed air filtration products to verify and validate both the quality of their compressed air in use and the performance of filtration products specified by users to meet their air quality requirements.

The ISO 8573 series of standards gives both specification and testing methodologies for users to apply when specifying the air quality they require for their applications to compressed air system designers and installers.

The ISO 12500 series of standards define test methods to allow compressed air treatment manufacturers to validate the performance of their products and hence their capability in line with meeting the ISO 8573 air quality specifications, currently in four parts:

  • Part 1: Oil Aerosols - removal rates from 5 to <0.01 mg/m3
  • Part 2: Oil Vapours - adsorptive capacity
  • Part 3: Particulates - removal efficiency in Fine: 10 nm - 5 µm and Coarse: 5µm - 40µm ranges
  • Part 4: Bulk Water - capability to deal with bulk water and wall flow

Whether you require comparative performance testing or an independent and accredited validation of performance for enhanced customer confidence in your products, Filter Integrity and IBR Laboratories can assist you.

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