Welcome to Filter Integrity Limited

Welcome to Filter Integrity Ltd

Specialists in Particle Science and Compressed Air Treatment

Filter Integrity Ltd is a UK based company supporting aerosol scientists and filtration product developers by providing both technical consultancy and specialised aerosol generation and characterisation instruments and equipment. Our office is located at the North East Technology Park NETPark, Sedgefield, County Durham in the North East of England.

Our activities are split into two linked areas:

FIL PTAS Logo Filter Integrity PTAS supplies innovative particle technologies for aerosol science in the UK. We provide both individual aerosol generation components and measuring instruments‚ through to complete analysis systems, for use in particle and aerosol characterisation applications in both research and industry.

FIL PTCA LogoFilter Integrity PTCA is a technical consultancy offering support in the design, testing and validation of compressed air / vacuum treatment equipment and systems. We offer professional and independent technical support to both OEM‘s in the compressed air and vacuum treatment market and their end-users.

With a broad network of partners and contacts involved with filtration and particle science applications, whatever the issue, Filter Integrity Ltd will be able to offer advice and support, based on sound knowledge and experience.

Our Partners

Palas GmbH LogoPalas GmbH - Specialists in Aerosol and Particle Technology offering particle generation equipment, aerosol size measurement instruments and full filtration performance testing systems covering the particle size range from 5 nm to 200 µm


IBR LogoIBR Laboratories - an A2LA accredited and independent laboratory providing testing services for the detection and analysis of particulate contamination and verification of filtration performance.


IBR LogoFlowTest GmbH - an independent manufacturer of Integrity Test Equipment and Systems for Verification and Validation of membrane based filter products for Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage applications.


We hope you find something of interest to you in our website and thank you for your interest in our company.

Andrew Chalmers - Director