MMTC system

The MMTC series offers ultra-precise, reproducible testing systems for the development and quality control of cleanable filter media. The test rigs in the MMTC series enable testing of filter media with different test dusts. They can be supplied with heating up to 250°C and with adjustable relative humidity of up to 80%. Special sampling probes enable in-situ measurements in the filter housing. With the aid of specially shaped filter holders, the so-called garland effect on a filter hose during cleaning can be simulated.In addition, with the aid of the aerosol spectrometer Promo® the particle concentration and particle size distribution can be determined with the highest time resolution. The test specimens can therefore be accurately analyzed during the cleaning pressure burst, and the cleaning parameters can be optimally fine-tuned to the medium.The advantages of the MMTC series allow a clear, cost-effective and practically useful comparison of cleanable filter media and exceed the requirements of the standards VDI 3926 and ISO 11057. differences between the MMTC test rigs   MMTC 2000 MMTC 2000 Volume flow 1 – 5.5 m3/h (others on request, suction mode) 1 – 5.5 m3/h (others on request, suction mode) Dimensions approx. 1,200 • 630 • 1,700 mm (H • W • D) approx. 2,000 • 630 • 1,810 mm (H • W • D) Inflow velocity 3 – 8.8 cm/s (others on request) 3 – 8.8 cm/s (others on request) Test area of the medium 177 cm2 154 cm² Pressure for pulse jet cleaning Adjustable up to 6 barg Adjustable up to 6 barg

MMTC 2000

MMTC 2000

Filter test rig for cleanable filter media in accordance with VDI 3926. Versions for temperatur and/ or rel. humidity control

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