KHG system

For different applications under high pressure or high temperature, e.g. in combustion processes, the aerosol can change essentially due to dilution and sampling. For this reason, the entire measurement chain has to be configured under isobaric and isothermal conditions. The KHG series dilution system is heatable for isothermal dilutions up to 200°C and can also be configured pressure-resistant up to 10 bar overpressure for isobaric dilution. With the KHG system, both the compressed air supplied and the dilution system are self-heated. When using the KHG series in combination with the heatable and/or pressure-resistant welas® digital or Promo® aerosol spectrometers from Palas® a completely isobaric and isothermal measurement chain is ensured. This combination of devices is unique and is used successfully worldwide for isobaric and isothermal measurement tasks.

KHG 10

KHG 10

KHG 10 D dilution system heatable and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar for isothermal and isobaric dilution with a dilution factor of 1:10.

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