AGK system

The AGK series stands out in particular with its robust structure, its ease of handling and its long service life. With conventional two-material nozzles, the salt can crystallize on the nozzle during the atomization of e.g. salt solutions, which leads to an instable particle concentration. On the nozzle newly developed by Palas® there is almost no crystallization of the salts, which is why the AGK series is used with great success in the production of NaCl or KCl aerosols for the testing of filters in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2 and DIN 71460-1. Depending on the dispersal fluid and the particle material, test aerosols with particle sizes ranging from approx. 5 nm to 15 µm with particle size concentrations of up to around 107 particles/cm3 can be generated both as monodisperse and polydisperse aerosols. The AGK series is also used for the atomization of fluids such as DEHS, DOP or paraffin oil.

AGK 2000

AGK 2000

Generation of solid particles out of suspensions, solutions and biological agents

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