MAG system

Palas® GmbH has been distributing, modifying, and building monodisperse aerosol generators for more than 25 years. Our entire accumulated know-how in this field is reflected in the MAG 3000 and provides particular advantages to the user. As a result, the MAG 3000 outperforms conventional Sinclair-LaMer generators. The bypass technology around the core source developed by Palas® enables larger particles to be generated within approx. 10 seconds. No no drying stage nedded  and only one volume flow meter is necessary with this new technology. Mechanical separation between the power supply and the particle generation system guarantees the greatest possible safety. Among other uses, the MAG 3000 monodisperse aerosol generator is used to calibrate the resolution capacity and classification accuracy of measuring devices.

MAG 3000

MAG 3000

Aerosol generator for the generation of monodisperse and uncharged droplets, dp = 0.2 – 8 µm

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