COVID-19: FIL assists media manufacturers to validate filter efficiency against global face mask requirements

September 2020

Filter Integrity Limited returned to the lab and office several months ago with COVID-19 security in place.

We have been heavily involved in the increased activity relating to face mask developments with a wide range of new researchers and manufacturers.

Palas GmbH  have supplied one of their newly developed PMFT 1000 M Protective Face Mask Systems allowing rapid analysis of face mask efficiency of full face masks and face mask media.

The equipment allows assessment of  filter efficiency from 145 nm up to 40 µm and enables testing to parameters defined in various national and international standards, including;

  • EN 143, EN 149, EN 13274-7
  • GB 2626 (‘KN’ grade)
  • 42CFR 84 (‘N’ grade)
  • ASTM 2299-3
  • CWA 17553

Filter Integrity Limited extend product range to simplify membrane filter integrity testing

January 2019

Filter Integrity Ltd have been UK partners of FlowTest Gmbh for a few years and we have also been involved in the development of many new integrity testing products over the past 20 years, which they have added to their already extensive product range. The process of integrity testing membrane based filter products is well […]

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Filter Integrity Limited releases a new X-ray based neutraliser

November 2014

The new Palas XRC 370 is an X-ray based bipolar charge nuetraliser to compliment the Kr-85 370radioactive isotope based product already offered in the Palas range. The new device is designed to be integrated into the Palas U-SMPS / DEMC products. Independent testing in comparison with the Kr-85-370 neutraliser has confirmed good correlation in performance. Max flowrate is 6 l/min and max […]

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Particle Sizing and Filter Testing at Pressure Gets Simpler

May 2012

Palas GmbH have released new upgrades to their welas® digitaland PROMO® particle spectrometer range to simplify further the assessment of particle size (0.12 – 100um) and concentration (to 1000000 #/cc) in gases at higher temperatures and pressures. Using unique cuvette based light scattering sample flow cells at sample pressures from atmospheric to 10 bara and built-in cuvette heating […]

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NEW MFP ULPA Nano Filter Media Test Stand extends test range down to 5nm

May 2011

Following the launch of the new Nano instruments at FILTECH 2011 the natural development of the MFP range of filter media testing stands has followed. MFP ULPA Nano takes the well established MFP automation and control and adds: the new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC allowing the generation of stream of mono-disperse particles in the 3 – 800 nm range from […]

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NEW Nano Instrumentation Launched at FILTECH 2011

March 2011

FILTECH 2011 is selected as an appropriate venue for the launch of an extension to the Palas range of Nano instrumentation. Palas GmbH are a prime sponsor for the event, which is hosted by the lovely city of Wiesbaden, Germany. The new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC is based around an already well proven design and allows the precision separation of […]

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