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Compressed Air can be considered as one of the main energy / power distribution services used in industry, with over 10% of the electrical energy supplied to industry used to compress air. In the USA for example it accounts for over $4.5 billion of the total energy spend.

Between 70% to 80% of the total cost of a compressed air system is the electricity required to run it, with the remainder being split between the equipment purchase cost and the maintenance costs for the system.

The efficiency of energy conversion in terms of compressed air energy to electrical power supplied to the compressor can be as low as 4% with the remainder ‘lost’ as heat. It therefore makes financial sense to review your compressed air systems to try to improve this efficiency.

Where installations have been in place for many years and perhaps expanded with the growth of your company, the opportunity for re-assessment can:

  • improve air quality
  • enhance system reliability
  • and save money.

It has been estimated that improvements in the efficiency of operation of 20-30% can be made in most current compressed air systems.

A systems review can help you assess the potential savings available and also address any contamination issues that may be impacting on your product quality.

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Vacuum Systems Review

The majority of Industrial and Medical Vacuum applications are operated based on the use of oil flooded vacuum pumps. The inlet to the pumps are protected with filtration and the exhaust contains high efficiency separators to prevent carryover of the lubrication oil into the exhaust flow.

Filter Integrity offers assistance to OEM´s in the design and testing of their vacuum pumps, to optimise the performance of the oil separation components.

Filter Integrity offers users of vacuum systems an independent audit of their facility and operation to assess filtration performance.

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