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Fidas® Aerosol Spectrometers for Fine Dust Monitoring

Measurement of Indoor and Outdoor Particlulate MatterFidas 200

The Fidas® spectrometers are a comprehensive range of products which use white light scattering at 90° to analyse particle size distributions in air.

The Fidas range is designed to allow the measurement of the various mass fractions of concern to respiratory health. Equipped with built in mass sampling, flow control, touch screen controls, networking capability and enclosures to suit external remote sighting, the range offers a wide application.

The product range is made up of 3 models:Fidas 200

Fidas® Mobile - a self contained portable and battery powered instrument for workplace measurements of fine dust fractions indoors. It monitors and reports PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP, particle number and particle size simultaneuosly over the range 0.18 - 18 µm, 1 — 20000 particles/cc and 1 — 1000 µg/m3.

Fidas® 100 - instrument designed for table top or 19” rack mounting for real-time monitoring of workplace particulate levels and particles in emissions. With built-in gravimetric measurement facility and two 5 l/min sampling lines the instument allows can measure total mass concentration samples to be taken for further analysis and comparison.

Fidas 200

Fidas® 200 - the Fidas 200 instrument is designed for real-time monitoring of environmental particulate levels and particles in emissions at PM2.5 in accordance with EN 14907 and at PM10 in accordance with EN 14907.

The instrument includes sensors for temperature, %RH and atmospheric pressure and a built in intelligent aerosol drying system for humidity compensation. It is fitted with a Sigma 2 sampling head as standard which can be replaced with either a PM10 or PM2.5 option.

The FIDAS 200 S version adds an IP65 rated package enclosure, together with an optional full weather station sensor array for wind direction and speed, amount and kind of condensation.


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Measurement of Dust Levels in Bulk Powders


DustView - the DustView instrument is related to the Fidas equipment in that it is a useful device for identifying how dusty a particular powder or bulk material is. Developed in conjunction with a major multinational for assessment of their materials, the instrument reports a dust number which indicates, on an arbitary scale, the amount of fine particulate in the sample. This can be used as a QA parameter for the bulk material by either a supplier or customer or otherwise as an indicator of the potential for a particular material to produce a dust in processing.

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