Software - PDControl

PDControl - for particle size and concentration analysis with welas® digital

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The new PDControl software has been designed for the data logging and evaluation of all welas® digital aerosol spectrometers giving simple and rapid analysis. The new software uses the high sampling frequency of the new digital signal processing to enable transient effects on particle size and concentration to be monitored and analysed at a 10 ms sample interval.

PDControl now also provides a clearer display of measured distributions together with analysis of the coincidence error percentage.

The Palas® software solutions in the field of particle measuring technology, filter testing and test rig control are based on many years of experience and were further developed and optimised in close co-operation with international customers and so is particularly practical and user freindly offering many advantages in daily application.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: min. Pentium 4, 1800 MHz
  • User memory: from 2 GB
  • Operating system: Windows® 2000 / Windows® XP, Windows® Vista
  • Screen resolution: at least 1280x800
  • Interface: USB

Application examples

  • Particle measurement and droplet size analysis
  • Measurement of inhalers MDI/DPI and nebulizers
  • Emission and immission measurements
  • Analysis of fast, transient processes
  • Test of smoke detectors
  • Particle measurement for cloud formation

Particular advantages

  • Wide range of information made available to the user:
    • display of distributions in diagram and tabular form: number, surface, volume, concentration (number and mass)
    • comparison of several distributions in one diagram
    • display of the temporal chart of statistical data
    • evaluation of 24 statistical data
  • Temporal registration and evaluation up to 10 ms, ideal for fast transient processes
  • Coincidence analysis
  • Simultaneous measurement with several welas® digital systems
  • Also applicable with other particle measuring devices
  • Registration of 4 external sensor signals parallel to the particle measurement as e.g. differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, volume flow, etc.
  • Clear structure
  • Intuitive and Easy to learn
  • Regular updates via the internet
  • Simple data transfer to MS Excel
  • Simple installation on the PC
  • No limitation of copies for different work places within a company
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable function

We also offer the following software:

  • FTControl for simplified filter testing
  • Custom software solutions for the automation and control of customized test rigs with integration of external measuring systems

We will be pleased to send you our demonstration software on request.