TVE 3000 — Vacuum Cleaner Tester

TVE 3000 - Vacuum cleaner test rig

DescriptionTVE 3000

The TVE 3000 alows testing of vacuum cleaners according to standard BS EN 60312:2008 Vacuum cleaners for household use. Methods of measuring the performance.

In addition, the difference between the separation behaviour of vacuum cleaners with bags and of vacuum cleaners with bags and HEPA filter can be reliably determined. Overall vacuum cleaner filtration perfomance can now also be measured together with the independent single filter stages.

The system uses dust disperser RBG 1000 which is significantly better than required by the standard, so providing an optimised and constant upstream dust feed, which is a precondition for an exact separation efficiency measurement using a single particle measuring device.

The rig uses the welas® digital 3000 high-resolution aerosol spectrometer for the determination of the particle size. The unique unit is fitted with a welas® 2300 sensor for measurements on the clean side of the filter system, but fitted with the welas® 2070 sensor capable of counting in the high concentration upstream challenge.

Technical parameters

  • Measuring range: 0.2 µm – 40 µm
    • < 1 up to 1000000 Particles/cm3
  • Volume flow:
    • Sampling 5 l/min
    • The volume flow of the system is dependent on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Power supply: 115/230 V ; 50/60 Hz
  • Compressed air supply: max. 8 bar
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 2100 x 2600 x 600 mm
  • Weight: appprox. 170 kg

Particular advantages

  • Highest dosing constancy due to the dust disperser RBG 1000
  • Measurement of the particle size distribution and particle concentration in up/downstream
  • Emission measurement acccording to standard EN 60312
  • Fractional separation efficiency measurement of the dust bag
  • Fractional separation efficiency measurement of the HEPA filter
  • Fractional separation efficiency measurement of the complete vacuum cleaner
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable function

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