Fidas® 200 / 200 S — Environmental Particulate Monitor

Fidas® 200 | Fidas® 200 S — Environmental Particulate monitor and emissions measurement system for the measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and TSP in the environment

DescriptionFIDAS 200

The Fidas® range of Environmental Particulate monitors is offered in different model versions to provide a cost effective solution for specific applications in reliable indoor / outdoor air quality measurement. All Fidas® systems are equipped with a LED light source with high light stability and long lifetime together with an inline filter holder to allow for collection of the contaminant on a filter media and subsequent investigation of the composition of the aerosol.

The Fidas® 200 / Fidas® 200 S models are designed for outdoor location and operate with a low volume flow of 0.2 m3/h and measure the dust values PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and TSP.

The Fidas® 200 is configured for use in a containerised environmental monitoring suite. Fitted with 19" rack mounting kit, sigma-2 sampling head and a simple weather station (temp, pressure and humidity) configured for remote mounting it provides ease of instalation in a fully featured instrument.

The Fidas® 200 S is a complete standalone system. The instrument package is housed in an IP65 rated weather-proofed housing and the weather station package adds sensors for the measurement of wind direction, wind speed, amount of precipitation and kind of precipitation together with an option to add GPS data for location registration on mobile instalations. The relatively compact package is portable allowing ease of relocation to different monitoring sites.

In addition to the real time particle size measurement data, if required, the instruments can be equipped with a standardised fractionating inlet for PM2.5 or PM10 (Sven Leckel Ingenieurbüro GmbH) to allow a gravimetric validation.PMX Fractionating Inlet

The user can place a 47 mm filter into the air stream filter holder which is fitted as standard and tell the system that you are using a PM2.5 or PM10 sampling head. Fidas 200 / 200 S will then adjust the air flow accordingly and allow a comparable direct mass measurement.

Both models are fitted with an Intelligent Aerosol Drying System (IADS) which mitagates against potential measurement errors produced by condensation effects when monitoring in conditions of high humidity.

Remote maintenance and data access is also available.

Technical parameters

  • Measurement range: 0.18 – 18 µm with 32 size classes / decade
  • Cn max: approx. 20000 Particles/cm3
  • Mass Range to 1000 µg/m3
  • Volumetric flowrate: 0.3 m3/h
  • Power supply: 115 / 230 V ; 50 / 60 Hz
  • Network Connectability: LAN, WiFi, optional GPRS / UMTS modem
  • Fidas 200
  • 19" control unit with:
    • modular and flexibly placeable aerosol sensor with long-life white-light LED, patented T-aperture technology and high performance photomultiplier
    • optimised signal detection with 20 MHz processor and digital signal processing
    • integrated gravimetric filter holder
    • two robust parallel sampling pumps for volume flow
    • user friendly touch screen (800 x 400 px) and 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor
    • high capacity data logger (4 Gb CF) with network support for remote access or data storage in a network
    • RS-232 interface for control and data collection with Modbus RTU, incl. Bayern-Hessen protocol(other options available)
    • USB, LAN and WLAN support
    • Firmware with fast continuous data evaluation within 1s cycle, adjustable mean value (eg for 24h day mean) and real time display of results and auto data storage
    • data analyser software for PC evaluation - saved data can be transfered to a spreadsheet
    • LabView driver for Fidas (with sample program)
    • weather station (temp, pressure, %RH)
    • aerosol humidity compensation (IADS - Intelligent Aerosol Drying System)
    • Sigma-2 sampling head (VDI 2119-4) - optional PM10 or PM2.5
  • Fidas 200 S
    • as 200 with:
    • IP65 weather-proofed enclosure
    • More advance weather station including wind direction, speed and the amount and type of precipitation

Application examples

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Emmission Monitoring

Particular advantages

  • Counting measurement method
  • Temporal resolution down to 1 second
  • Realtime measurement
  • Light source: LED
  • Reduced operating expenses
    • Long service life
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy handling
    • Reliable function
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