CD 2000 — Aerosol Charge Neutraliser

CD 2000 Bipolar discharge unit for Aerosol Charge Neutralisation

DescriptionCD 2000

Aerosols, both purpose generated and naturally occuring, are usally highly charged depending on the materials properties and the environment and mode of generation. The variation in charge levels can have a significant impact on the character of the formed aerosol and the performance of filters used to remove aerosols from gas streams. Charge neutralisation is required by many filter testing standards including, for example, EN 779 for clean room filter testing.

Many instruments also utilise the level of charge on an aerosol in a method of separation or in a concentration measurement methodology.

Charge neutralisation has been understood and applied over many years, in the past using radioactive alpha-particle sources e.g. Kr-85; Po-210 to modify the charge level on the aerosol and return it to an equilibrium level, referred to as the Boltzmann equilibrium.

An alternative method creates a contained bipolar ion atmosphere using corona discharge, through which the aerosol is flowed. The CD 2000 is a bipolar corona discharge based unit which can be used to neutralise the charge of a dust or liquid aerosol. It can also be used, if requested, to charge an aerosol.

Technical Parameters

  • Electrical:
    • Mains supply voltage: 100-250 V AC / 47–63 Hz
    • Consumed power: 50 W
    • Mains fuse: F 3,15 A / 250 V
    • Internal fuse of power supply (2x): F 3,15 A
  • High voltage (power supplies type LNCE6000):
    • Positive and negative high voltages are provided by two independent power supplies:
      • Voltage (max.) positive 6 kV / negative 6 kV
      • Current (max.) positive 1 mA / negative 1 mA
  • Monitoring of the sockets (monitor)
    • Voltage (blue socket): 0-6 kV = 0-10 V
    • Current (red socket): 0-1 mA = 0-10 V
  • Mechanical:
    • There are two versions of the mechanical component with different mixed air flows.
      • Type A: 2 - 18 m3/h mixed air flow
      • Type B: 3 - 36 m3/h mixed air flow
    • Inlet:
      • Aerosol Volume flow: 0 - 4 m3/h
      • Connection: ØOD = 8 mm; ØID = 6 mm
    • Mixed air: Cleaned pressurised air
      • Type A:
        • Volume Flow: 2 - 18 m3/h
        • Connection: ØOD = 8 mm; ØID = 6 mm
      • Type B:
        • Volume Flow: 3 - 36 m3/h
        • Connection: ØID = 13 mm
      • Outlet:
        • Aerosol and fed mixed air
          Connection: ØOD = 16 mm; ØID = 12 mm

Application examples

  • Discharge of electrically charged aerosols
  • Aerosol research
  • Filter testing

Particular advantages

  • No operation license required for radioactive instruments
  • Bipolar discharge due to negative and positive ions
  • Applicable for solid and liquid aerosols
  • Robust design
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable operation
  • Low maintenance

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