Filter Testing

Filter Testing - Validation of Predictive and Actual Performance

Filtration can be applied to many different areas and applications and using a range of seperation technologies. High efficiency filtration of gases is used to protect the environment, to meet personal health and safety requirements or allow correct operation of systems and process.

The range of operating environments and required performance levels is large and identifying test equipment with the capability to validate filter performance under the optimum and extreme operational conditions can prove a challenge.

The PALAS GmbH range of generators and analysers is particularly suited to meeting the different operating conditions that may required, with specific and standardised designs of system, assembled to allow manufacturers and users to test to defined or developing industry standards.

Specific testing rigs include:

The range of individual particle science components that can be utilised include heatable generators analysers and diluters, pressurisable generators to allow simulation of high temperature aerosol generation.

In the nano range, soot generators to simulate vehicle exhaust emisions and CPC's for the counting of particles in the nano range allow the full range of particle sizes to be assessed.

If custom test rigs are not already available, then the individual component items can be assembled in a rig to allow testing to a wide range of customer requirements.

As an example, the most recent requirement addressed is to test materials used in permeable garments for their resistance to particle penetration. An obviously important parameter, for example in NBC protection, the APM 2005 is the most recent addition to specific testing equipment to meet a customer requirement.

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