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Filter Integrity Limited extend the range of products available to simplify membrane filter integrity testing| January 2019

IT01 Test Stand

Filter Integrity ltd have been UK partners of FlowTest Gmbh for a few years and we have also been involved in the development of many new integrity testing products over the past 20 years.

The process of integrity testing membrane based filter products is well understood and has been used in validated preformance testing protocols for over 50 years.

However, the practicalities associated with carrying out an integrity test in a simple and repeatable manner is not just about the process, but also about overcoming the other complications, for example hardware connections, the flushing method and disposal of fluids.

The FlowTest IT01 integrity tester already offers one of the simplest procedures for the full range of test methods, but is particularly effective in simplifying the Water Intrusion Test for hydrophobic vent and sterile air filters.  Combine that capability with hardware such as the automated test stand above which incorporates automatic flushing prior to testing and integrity testing becomes less complicated.

Filter integrity will also offer ranges of connections to allow simplified filter hardware connection to the IT01 equipment.


Filter Integrity Ltd | Latest News

Filter Integrity Limited exhibit at the Aerosol Society Meeting at the Edgbaston Park Hotel| 7/8 November 2018


Filter Integrity ltd are delighted to exhibit at the Fundamentals of Aerosol Science and Annual Aerosol Science Conference in association with the Aerosol Society.

On the stand you will find instruments from the Palas range including the U-SMPS for nano-particle measurements, welas white light spectrometer for particle measurements between 0.2 and 100 microns and the all new PAG 1000 portable laskin nozzle aerosol generator.

Further information about this event can be found on the Aerosol Society website. Why not come along and say hi.


Filter Integrity Limited to host the next BSI MCE/8/-/3 Compressed Air Quality standards meeting | 26 August 2015


Filter Integrity ltd is pleased to announce that it is hosting the next BSI MCE/8/-/3 Compressed Air Quality standards meeting at NetPark, Sedgefield on 26th August.

Topics for discussion will be the forthcoming proposed changes to ISO 8573-2 Oil Aerosol and ISO 8573-4 Particles.

Voting for acceptance of the proposed drafts as New Work Items closes 9th Septenber 2015.

Companies represented at the meeting will include, Walker Filtration Ltd, PSI Global Ltd, Nano Porous Solutions Ltd and Parker Hannifin.

Stephen Smith, Convenor of the ISO Working Group and Greg Bordiak (Secretary) from the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) both look forward to welcoming the UK contingent to NetPark.


Filter Integrity Limited joins BCAS as a full member of the society | 9 April 2015


Filter Integrity ltd is pleased to announce that it became a full member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) from April 2015. Membership of the BCAS brings with it access to knowledge and support of the Technical Officer and UK member companies but also to the European trade associations under the umbrella of Pneurop.

Some of the benefits of BCAS membership include;

  • A forum for manufacturers, distributors and users to share information
  • Education and training tailored to compressed air
  • Technical support
  • Free Legislation update service
  • Access to information from and services of international trade associations
  • Input to European directives and standards formulation and revision


Filter Integrity Limited releases a new X-ray based neutraliser | 18 Nov 2014

XRC 370

The new Palas XRC 370 is an X-ray based bipolar charge nuetraliser to compliment the Kr-85 370 radioactive isotope based product already offered in the Palas range.

The new device is designed to be integrated into the Palas U-SMPS / DEMC products. Independent testing in comparison with the Kr-85-370 neutraliser has confirmed good correlation in performance.

Max flowrate is 6 l/min and max concentration of 107#/cc.


Stephen Smith presents at the Filtration Society 50th Anniversary Annual Conference | 14 Nov 2014

Stephen Smith presents at the Filtration Society

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Filtration Society a two day conference was held at the Riverside Innovation Centre of the University of Chester.

FIL had a small stand at the event together with 15 other exhibitors and Stephen presented his talk Standards for the Compressed Air Industry.

As convenor of the ISO Technical Committee TC118/SC4 WG1, Stephen is very well placed to inform the delgates regarding upcoming developments in this sector of filtration and purification.


FIL moves into new lab space | 04 Mar 2014

FIL Lab Handover with Dr Simon Goon

We are very happy to move into our new facility, handed over as pictured by Dr Simon Goon MD of Business Durham. Our new facility includes office space acombined with a separate fully fitted out lab, complete with ESD flooring, compressed air supply and a full fume cupboard.

Our particle science lab, complete with aerosol measurement instrumentation and generators including a PROMO 3000 particle spectrometer and UF-SMPS can now operate in appropriate surroundings.

An extract taken from local news follows:

Business success filters through science park

Business Durham, Durham County Council’s economic development company, has announced more success with the expansion of a company based at its science park in Sedgefield.

Filter Integrity, designers and manufacturers of bespoke filtration validation systems, has doubled its laboratory and office space after being awarded a number of international contracts, including the design, development and installation into a site in Abu Dhabi.

The company is a tenant at the North East Technology Park - NETPark, a science park provided by Business Durham to nurture high growth science and technology businesses developing new products and technology.

The work being carried out by Filter Integrity in Abu Dhabi in partnership with a UK based environmental consultancy is to report ambient particulate levels in real time, in the range from 2-100µm for a new power generation development in the region.

Dr Simon Goon, managing director of Business Durham, said: “We are delighted that Business Durham has helped nurture this company and helped it expand and achieve great success in an international market. It is an outstanding example of the benefits of our science park.

Andrew Chalmers, managing director of Filter Integrity, said: “The dedicated support delivered by the Business Durham team, coupled with the top class facilities at NETPark has been a key factor in the success of the company."

Cllr Neil Foster, Cabinet member for economic regeneration at Durham County Council, said: “We’re delighted to see another ambitious business achieving growth at NETPark. Through the work of Business Durham we’re ensuring that the county is seen as a great place to work and live, creating jobs and boosting the local economy.


Stephen Smith joins Filter Integrity Limited | 06 Jan 2014

Stephen Smith

We are very pleased to welcome Mr Stephen Smith to Filter Integrity Limited.

Stephen, who joins as Filter Specialist this January, has over 30 years of experience gained operating with a major multi-national where he lead a team in the specification, development and testing of filter medias and filtration products.

Currently holding the position of Convenor of the ISO Technical Committee TC118 responsible for the development and maintenance of quality standards associated with compressed air filtration, Stephen will be well known to the filter development community and is looking forward to engaging with development colleagues.

He can be contacted on direct dial +44 1740625283 or


Hands On Training Courses | 11 Sept 2013

We are pleased to offer practice oriented training courses at the head office of our principle Palas GmbH at their facility in Karlsruhe on the following dates:

  • Monday, 18 November 2013, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm — “Aerosol Generation and Dilution”
  • Tuesday, 19 November 2013, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm — “Filter Testing”
  • Wednesday, 20 November 2013, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm — “Particle Measurement from nano to micro“
  • Thursday, 21 November 2013, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm — “Environmental Measurement”

These training courses provide in-depth information covering the technology behind aerosol generation and dilution as well as important practical aspects required to achive accuracte particle measurement. In addition to the theory, these courses share practice-related knowledge for use and the application of new products. This practice-oriented training course is not only interesting for users, but also for parties interested in seeing our instruments live.

Convince yourself of the high quality and new innovations!

The training courses take place on our premises in Karlsruhe, Germany. The number of participants is limited to max. 8 persons per training course. The price per training day is €420 (no VAT will be charged if EU members provide a VAT identification number or if non-EU provide a certificate of entrepreneurial status).

Drinks, a light meal and full training materials (ring binder and USB flash drive) are included.

Benefit from the early bird rate (€370) and register before 14 October 2013!

Registration deadline is 07 November 2013.

Particle Sizing and Filter Testing at Pressure Gets Simpler | 2 May 2012

welas digital 3000 H

Palas GmbH have released new upgrades to their welas® digital and PROMO® particle spectrometer range to simplify further the assessment of particle size (0.12 - 100um) and concentration (to 1000000 #/cc) in gases at higher temperatures and pressures.

Using unique cuvette based light scattering sample flow cells at sample pressures from atmospheric to 10 bara and built-in cuvette heating to raise their temperature to 120° as standard or 250° optionally, the new systems help users to mitigate against the issues associated with diffusing pressurised samples to atmospheric pressure and condensation due to temperature change in the gas sample.

The new designations of P for pressure H for heated and HP for both, include welas® digital control units for use with the matched sensors offering precise temperature control and, for the P variants, built-in mass flow control to maintain sample flowrate despite temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Palas - continuous improvement in particle sizing.

WFC11 comes to Graz, Austria — Palas and IBR Exhibitors | 16 April 2012

The leading conference and exhibition for Filtration developers manufacturers and users takes place every 4 years and this year is located in the city of Graz, Austria from 17th to 20th April. Our partners, Palas GmbH and IBR Laboratories are both exhibiting at the Congress.

Palas GmbH will again be demonstrating their filtration test equipment and particle science instrumentation and once again offering free testing at the exhibition to visitors to the stand. Three presentations will also be given at the conference sessions.

With over 20 years as a leading certified and audited test house for a range of filter standards, IBR Laboratories offer filter validation services to OEM's and users covering a wide range of fluids from fuels, oils and water to atmospheric intake, compressed air and other process gases. Come and talk to us about assistance in your filter validation requirements.

Andrew Chalmers of Filter Integrity Limited will also be attending the exhibition and conference so please ask to meet with him at either stand.

FIDAS Environmental Particulate Matter Monitor — UK Trials | 1 February 2012

Following the successful introduction of the FIDAS range of PM monitors in several installations in Europe, the first UK assessment is underway with Filter Integrity Limited.

The trial site is an already well monitored centre in the UK and we are looking forward to the results of a month's trial. Data is provided on prevailing weather conditions via the on-board weather station together with PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 and particle size distribution information.

The FIDAS 200 instrument has been submitted for full equivalence testing and validation with the TÜV in Germany with qualification expected later in the year.

IBR Laboratories — Partnership | 1 November 2011

IBR Laboratories LogoFilter Integrity Limited is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnership with IBR Laboratories of Grass Lake Michigan USA to promote and develop filter testing and performance validation capabilities.

Andrew Chalmers, Director at Filter Integrity Limited commented:

I'm personally delighted to have agreed a partnership with IBR Laboratories. I've worked with Susan and her team over the past 20 years, bringing an independent and certified validation to performance claims for in-house developed filtration products. The development of the testing facility in Milton Keynes now brings a new facility to Europe, extending the capability already available at the Grass Lake facility in the USA.

This partnership is a further important step for Filter Integrity Limited as we develop our support capabilities in our target market of filter testing and validation. An exciting time.

Susan Goldsmith, Managing Director at IBR Laboratories added:

IBR is very pleased to add Filter Integrity as a partner in our air filter testing services. FIL brings a powerful combination of technical strength, commitment to consensus standards work, and service to the industry. Our twenty years of technical association is the basis for a now expanded business partnership.

The Filter Integrity Limited website will be updated to reflect this new development during November. We will also be attending Filtration 2011 in Chicago with IBR Laboratories if you would like to meet us on the stand there. Look out for the new information updates.

Andrew Chalmers - Director at Filter Integrity Limited

Training Courses on Particle Measurement for Filter Testing and Aerosol Technology for Cleanrooms | 17 October 2011

Two 1-day training courses presented in English are to be held at the Palas GmbH facility in Karlsruhe during November 2011:

Particle Measurement Technology for Filter Testing - Wed 16th Nov

Led by Martin Schmidt, Jürgen Spielvogel and Sven Schütz this course covers:

  • Definitions - fractional and total separation efficiencies
  • Particle Measurement basics
  • Aerosol Spectrometers - assessment of welas® digital
  • Principles of nano-particle measurement
  • Generation of Test Aerosols
  • Aerosol Dilution
  • Palas® filter test systems
  • Practical Exercises

Aerosol Technology for Cleanrooms - Thurs 17th Nov

Led by Leander Molter and Sven Schütz this course covers:

  • Principles of particle measurement in cleanrooms
  • Aerosol Generation
  • Aerosol Dilution
  • Determination of Protection Degree - SWKI Guideline 99-3 and DIN 1946-4
  • Aerosol Spectrometer v Cleanroom Counter
  • Aerosol Generation for calibration of particle measurement instruments (on request)
  • Practical Exercises

Both courses are charged (€360 to Palas GmbH) and include drinks, a light meal and all training materials.

Hotel detail can be supplied on request and the closest airports are Karlsruhe — Baden Baden (50km), Frankfurt (130km), Stuttgart (80km) or Strasbourg (80km), all with regular rail services into Karlsruhe.

Places are limited to 16 max. so please respond as soon as possible and at the latest by 9th Nov.

We hope that you are able to take up these training opportunities.

Andrew Chalmers - Director at Filter Integrity Limited

Filtration Society to hold fifth Filter Media Training and Conference | 01 September 2011

The Filtration Society, which is a not for profit organsation with the aim to advance and disseminate knowledge on the design and use of filtration and separation techniques in industry, commerce and other walks of life announces Filter Media 5 the fifth in a series of training seminar, conference and exhibitions on filter media, to be held at the Mercure Hotel Chester on 12th and 13th October.

The short course on the 12th October — Media for Gas and Liquid Filtration, lead by Prof Richard Wakeman and Dr Steve Tarleton covers:

  • The role of Media in Filtration
  • Fibres and Yarns for Filter Media
  • Woven Media - Production, Structure and Properties
  • Non-woven Media - Production Structure and Properties
  • Membranes and Reactive Media
  • Testing Filter Media for Gas Applications
  • Characterising and Testing Filter Media for Liquid Applications

The conference on the 13th October includes presentations from some of the leading developers of filter media and test equipment. The supporting exhibition offers equipment and instrumentation for media manufacture and testing.

Filter Integrity Limited is pleased to support the activity of the Filtration Society and will be supporting Palas GmbH as UK Sales Partner at their stand at the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you in Chester.

Andrew Chalmers - Director at Filter Integrity Limited

NEW MFP ULPA Nano Filter Media Test Stand extends test range down to 5nm | 28 May 2011

Following the launch of the new Nano instruments at FILTECH 2011 the natural development of the MFP range of filter media testing stands has followed.

MFP ULPA Nano takes the well established MFP automation and control and adds:

  • the new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC allowing the generation of stream of mono-disperse particles in the 3 - 800 nm range from a poly-disperse generator mounted on the test stand.
  • the novel UF-CPC an instrument which can count particle in the size range of 3 - 800 nm.

The MFP ULPA Nano allows standardised testing of filter medias in accordance with standards such as EN 1822-3 and the identification of MPPS in the nano range. Combined with the other MFP systems in the available range efficiencies of filter media can be tested from 5nm to 100um.

The addition of this new instrument extends the MFP range capabilities further into the nano region. The MFP range has already been accepted by leading filter media manufacturers and research institutions as a robust, accurate and user friendly system with over 100 MFP systems in use around the world. The ULPA Nano is a novel solution allowing increasingly efficient medias with MPPS in the nano region to be better assessed.

Andrew Chalmers - Director at Filter Integrity Limited

NEW Nano Instrumentation Launched at FILTECH 2011 | 22 March 2011

FILTECH 2011 is selected as an appropriate venue for the launch of an extension to the Palas range of Nano instrumentation. Palas GmbH are a prime sponsor for the event, which is hosted by the lovely city of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The new Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier or DEMC is based around an already well proven design and allows the precision separation of a stream of mono-disperse particles in the 3 - 1200 nm range, from a poly-disperse sample.

When this is combined with the novel UF-CPC already in the Palas range, a new instrument, the U-SMPS or Universal Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer is the result, an instrument which can measure and define an aerosol particle size distribution in the range of 3 - 1200 nm.

Of interest to current users of CPC's, if that the DEMC can also be configured for use with a range of existing CPC's, to update instrumentation to operate as an SMPS.

The addition of these new instruments brings us full capability for aerosol scientists operating in the sub-micron regions and will be of interest to both new customers and those already familiar with Palas Aerosol Science equipment.

Andrew Chalmers - Director at Filter Integrity Limited

Meet the PALAS Team at FILTECH 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany (March 22nd to 24th) | 19 January 2011

PALAS GmbH are putting on a great show at FILTECH 2011 with a wide range of products on display. Most of these will be fully operational, so it is the ideal opportunity to see and use the equipment:

  • MMTC 2000- Test station for pulse jet cleanable filter media
  • MFP 1000 HEPA - Filter media tester for MPPS and fractional efficiency to NaCl / KCl salt or DEHS liquid aerosols from 60nm — 40µm.
  • welas digital 1000® and Promo 2000H ® aerosol spectrometers.
  • RGB solid and PLG / AGK liquid particle generators and dispersers.
  • Introducing NEW aerosol instruments for NANO particle sizes:
    • DEMC - Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier.
    • UF-CPC - Universal Fluid Condensation Particle Counters for particle size range 5nm to 10µm, patented design which allows use of a 'quick change' choice of saturator fluids, including water.
    • U-SMPS - Universal Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer - combining DEMC and CPC to provide aerosol spectrometry in the nano range.
    • CHARME® - electrometer with sensitivity down to 2nm.

Bring a sample of your filter media and test it for free at stand number F6 located in the Entrance Foyer.

Andrew Chalmers of Filter Integrity Limited will also be attending the show so give us a call to make an appointment, or simply visit the PALAS stand.

We look forward to meeting you in Wiesbaden.

Andrew Chalmers - Director

Website Update — Introduction of PTAS - Particle Technologies for Aerosol Science | 14 December 2010

After some intensive web development we are pleased to introduce our new website.

Filter Integrity Limited now offers both consultancy regarding filter testing and validation and a new range instrumentation manufactured by PALAS GmbH of Karlsruhe Germany.

As currently the only UK distributor for the Palas range of instrumentation, we look forward to developing new relationships with particle scientists and technologists in the UK and to supporting existing users of Palas equipment if required. The PTAS section of the website covers the new Particle Technology for Aerosol Science developments at Filter Integrity.

We hope that you enjoy using the new website and will be updating regularly with information on new products, technical articles and application updates.

We are particularly interested to hear from users of the Palas equipment in the UK on a new Linked-in user network.

Andrew Chalmers - Director

Look out for the new information updates.

PALAS GmbH — UK Sales Partnership | 5 November 2010

Filter Integrity Limited is proud to announce that it has been selected by PALAS GmbH of Karlsruhe Germany to be a UK Sales Partner.

Andrew Chalmers, Director at Filter Integrity Limited commented:

I'm personally delighted to have agreed this sales partnership with PALAS GmbH. It was some 20 years ago when I worked with one of the first instruments based on the 90° scattered white light principle‚ referenced the HC15‚ which was one of the first capable of aerosol spectrometry at line pressures of 7 barg. Over the intervening years the performance and design has been improved several fold by the PALAS® development team‚ most recently demonstrated in the release of the new welas® Digital range.

PALAS are both an innovative and quality focused company with a diverse range of instruments and particle generation technologies and a strong customer service culture. New developments are impressive‚ both of stand alone equipment and custom engineered systems to meet a user specification. Filter Integrity Limited is looking forward to further expanding the presence of their instruments and technologies in the UK.

This is an important step for Filter Integrity Limited as we develop our support capabilities in our target market of filter testing and validation, but also in expanding our influence into other areas of aerosol science. An exciting time.

The Filter Integrity Limited website will be updated to reflect this new development during November. Look out for the new information updates.

First Technical Articles Live | 23 July 2010

The first two of a series of technical articles have been published to the site.

Medical Vacuum Systems – Bacterial Filter Requirements and Sizing reviews the use of bacterial filters in medical vacuum systems which are required to protect vacuum pumps and the environment from potential contamination with bio-hazardous material ingested from the local suction points in hospital wards and surgical operating areas.

Compressed Air Quality Standards ISO 8573 Part 1 – 2010 Revision addresses the recent revision of the air quality standard and changes to the quality classes introduced by the revision. It also outlines some of the history of the development of testing methods for compressed air.

These documents are available to read on the site but also in PDF format by request.

New Website Launch | 25 June 2010

The new Filter Integrity website went live today.

Based in NETPark, Sedgefield UK, Filter Integrity is headed by Andrew Chalmers who commented:

We are very pleased with the look and layout of the new site. It gives a clean and professional window on our company activities and I look forward to regular updates and further improvements to the site over the coming months.

Our aim is to make an exciting and dynamic place to visit for people who are interested in the Compressed Air Treatment field. We hope that we will receive feedback from our visitors to help us develop it further to meet their demands.

Filter Integrity Moves to NETPark | 12 April 2010

Filter Integrity has located its office address at NETPark, one of the UK´s leading Science and Technology Parks.

NETPark - the North East Technology Park at Sedgefield, County Durham - is one of the fastest growing Science Parks in the UK. It's focus is on supporting companies that are developing technology and products in the physical sciences, particularly printable electronics, microelectronics, photonics and nano technology and their application in the fields of energy, defence, and medical-related technologies.

As a NETPark based company, Filter Integrity has access to a wide variety of conference and meeting room facilities.  Meeting rooms are fully equipped with audiovisual equipment including interactive smart boards and projectors, teleconferencing facilities, and wireless internet connection. Whether holding meetings or training sessions for up to 30 people we provide a professional environment in the peaceful parkland setting.

Filter Integrity is also linked to the thriving NETPark Net, a virtual innovation network for companies operating within the Science, Engineering and Technology sectors.

The universities of Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland and Teesside are all important stakeholders in NETPark, so providing access to resources,research skills and facilities to NETPark companies. All are located within 30 minutes drive of the site.

NETPark also houses several cutting edge companies in the fields of nano technology and electronics including PETEC, the printable electronics technology centre and is the North East Regional Partner for the Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network.

Andrew Chalmers, Director at Filter Integrity commented:

We could not ask to be in a better location for the development of our company. NETPark brings direct links to our local centres of excellence in the development of new and exciting technologies and access to the vibrant and expanding NETPark NET community. Filter Integrity is proud to be located at a hub of innovative activity in the North East.